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NOTE: There are some facilities that do NOT allow Nissan Cups of Soups; therefore, for some facilities we will replace this item with another type of soup that IS ALLOWED. 
*WHERE DO YOU SHIP? We currently ship to all New York State Correctional Facilities, EXCEPT for the following: Attica, Elmira, Great Meadow, Lakeview, Moriah, Shawangunk, Southport, Upstate, & Wende.
* WHEN DO YOU SHIP? Our FREE standard shipping takes up to 5 - 12 business days. We offer expedited shipping services at an additional cost.
* WILL I GET A TRACKING #? Yes, we send you a shipping tracking number as soon as possible.
* WILL THEY KNOW WHO THE GIFT IS FROM? Yes, we send a postcard with your Name and a Personal Message. Message is optional.
* WILL MY HOME ADDRESS BE SHARED?  No. We will never share your address, if you wish to include an address please add it in the personal message section.
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* HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? Email us at or call us toll free at (844) 926-7629 between the hours of 10:00am - 2:00pm (Monday - Friday).
* WILL I GET A REFUND ON RETURNS? Yes, we refund you the full amount if entire order is received
* HOW DO I GET MY REFUND? We notify you via email that your order was returned and will be refunded. 
* WHY WAS MY ORDER RETURNED?  Your order may have been returned due to your loved one having privileges denied, being transferred, or the facility changes their packaging rules.
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* WHAT PAYMENT METHOD DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept ALL major credit and debit cards. 
* WHEN DO I GET BILLED? We bill you at the time of order for all purchases. It may take a few hours for it to appear in your bank account. 
* HOW DO SUBSCRIPTIONS WORK? With subscriptions your loved one will get a package each month for the duration of the subscription plan. For example, If you purchased a 3 Month Subscription, they will receive a gift every month for 3 months. 
* WILL I GET CHARGED AT THE END OF MY SUBSCRIPTION? No, we charge you at the time of order and that's it. We will never recharge you! Once your subscription ends you are welcome to re-subscribed, if you wish.
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* HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER? Its EASY! 1) select the item you would like to purchase 2) enter your loved ones First and Last name and begin a search 3) Enter billing information and you are all set!
THE "SEARCH" FUNCTION IS NOT WORKING?  Ensure the recipients First/Last name are spelled correctly. If correct, retry the "search". If all else fails, select the "enter manually" option
* HOW DO I LOCATE MY LOVED ONES INFO? To locate your loved ones information go to and enter their First/Last Name.
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